Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Official

It's official! Julian announced yesterday morning that he will officially run for a third term as Mayor of our great city of San Antonio. Yesterday could not have been any more perfect. There was a great turn out of supporters and great weather. Julian's Campaign team did a great job as always in organizing the event. The announcement took place at a newly renovated building that Overland Partners owns right across the street from the campaign headquarters. Overland Partners took over the building that once used to be a plumbing warehouse and now its an architecture firm that has worked on projects through out the United States. 

I had a great time catching up with people who have been supportive of Julian since his time as a councilman. It was also great to meet people who are new to San Antonio and are glad they finally made here. I guess the word is really spreading as to how great it really is to live here in San Antonio.

I have to also mention that this weekend I was very lucky and blessed to have a new niece join the family. I now have a total of six beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews. I love that I have so many nieces around (I still love you Enzo and Abram). I was the only girl with three brothers growing up so I remember many times of longing to have sisters to do all the girlie things with. I am now surrounded by lots of sweet little girls and I love it! I love that Carina has so many cousins to play with. I look forward to seeing them all grow up together and hosting sleepovers at my house. 

This evening I'll be doing what probably many of you out there will be doing and that is watching the Superbowl as well as all the commercials. As is his typical fashion, Julian told me at the last minute late last night that we would be hosting friends over to watch the game. I, along with what seemed like half of San Antonio, made it out to HEB this afternoon. Anytime we host people over at our home for games or boxing matches I usually make my famous ceviche (I love ceviche!). I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and I look forward to watching a great Texan, Beyonce, bring down the house at the Superbowl!

I love holding that little hand that always has me moving forward.

I love seeing babies out at campaign events.
Thanks Lani for your hard work in helping to organize great campaign events for Julian and many thanks for always helping me when I need you.

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