Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Milestone

Yesterday marked the one week anniversary of having my blog up. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read about what is going on in my world. I'm proud and excited to say that I am close to hitting my first milestone with my blog. I am just a few page views shy of 1,000! I can't believe that within a week I would have gotten that many (in my book at least that is a lot). A big shout out to whoever is out there reading my blog in Germany, Canada, Italy and Spain!! I've been joking with Julian that I have now officially gone global.

This week has been a pretty hectic one and I am ready for it to be over with. Aside with after school tutoring, being a part of the school Talent Show committee, coordinating a Vision Board Day at my campus for tomorrow and preparing for a staff development that I need to present tomorrow afternoon, I'm also dealing with allergies.  Who ever said teachers have an easy job are mighty wrong. I'm getting through it (with high heels on) and that is all that matters. So, I am sure you can see why I am looking forward to this week being over. Wishing you all a great Friday tomorrow!!

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  1. Love you blogs!!!! You definitely know the daily struggles of the everyday mom!!!!


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