Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Art of Blogging That I'm Still Trying to Figure Out

Now that I'm done with making dinner and the dishes are washed I'm ready to sit and relax. I'm sure it will make my mom happy that I washed the dishes the same night they were used. My mom has issues with going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. I on the other hand have no problem with it. This weekend was great but seemed to have gone by a little too fast. I was able to spend time with family and friends which in my book is the best kind of weekend to have.

I am getting great feedback in response to my blog and I'm glad because I really am enjoying this. I created a new domain name that you can also access my blog through which is

The two most asked questions that I have gotten so far about my blog is how did I come to want to create a blog and how often will I be posting.  The answer to the first question is that I had the idea of blogging for quite a while but didn't know how to start with it.  On top of that, I had the worry that you may have had when throwing a party and you weren't sure how many people would actually show up. I basically want to give my take and perspective on what it is like being the other half (better half) of the Mayor of the seventh largest city in the nation. With the New Year here I figured why wait any longer and just jumped into it feet first. I'm still learning as I go and trying to figure out the art of blogging. With time, I hope to get better at it. As far as how often will I be posting, I don't have a set number of postings a week in mind so it will vary from week to week.

I wish you all a great evening and an even better week ahead!  


  1. This must be a mother's concern; it's funny, when I see dirty dishes I literally hear my mother's voice saying a clean kitchen is a clean mind. ARGH!

  2. This blog is really great!! It is nice to hear from someone who juggling so much, yet, remains so grounded!! I'll be watching my email for new post updates!!

  3. It's so cool that you are blogging! We see and hear from your husband all the time, it's nice to 'hear' from you :-) I've been blogging for two years and it's definitely a labor of love <3 Welcome to the blogosphere! Here to support you as a blogger, fellow mom and all that you do for our beloved San Antonio!

    Thanks for sharing a little of your world with us! *I don't have a problem goin got bed with dishes in the sink either*


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