Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Why am I posting the cover of the current issue of Vogue you ask? Well, you will have to keep reading to find out. I've been anxiously waiting for several weeks (felt like months to me) to share this with the world. Now that the March 2013 issue is on the stands I can now share this with you.

Early last month right after Joaquin was sworn in I flew back to San Antonio to get my house ready for some special guests. I had two days to get it done by myself because Julian was out of town (how convenient). Now, when I talk about getting the house ready, I'm talking about move the furniture and clean behind the furniture clean. This was, I am sure, a once in a lifetime event at my house so it made it so much more exciting for me.

Who was going to be coming to my house you might be wondering? Well, here it is......I was so honored to have hosted in my home the talented photographer Annie Leibovitz and a crew from Vogue magazine to do a photo shoot in my home! Yes, that Annie Leibovitz, the one that worked for the Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and of course Vogue. The photographer that shot the famous picture of John Lennon with Yoko Ono and other countless iconic pictures. So, now do you get why my house had to look perfect! Think of all the multi multi million dollar homes of celebrities that she has photographed in and here she was coming into my humble home. I was so very honored. On top of that, having a crew of Vogue in my house! Which girl out there doesn't love flipping through an issue of Vogue?

If you happen to pick up the March issue of Vogue you will find an article on Julian, Joaquin and my mother-in-law Rosie as well as the photos that Annie Leibovitz took of them as part of the magazine's Power Section. Of the two pictures that made the cut for the article one of them is outside of our home and the other is in the kitchen of Julian and Joaquin's childhood home. The producer of the article had  approached the family that currently lives in Julian's childhood home in advance to ask for permission to have photos taken there. Ironically enough, a single mother currently lives in that home with her two sons. I hope that home surrounds those two boys with as much favor as it did with Julian and Joaquin.

I can't say this enough, it was truly an honor. Annie Leibovitz was very kind, down to earth and very appreciative of us welcoming her into our home. She easily spoke of past trips to San Antonio, Texas politics and projects she is working on. I look forward to crossing paths with her again in the future.

In my living room with the talented Annie Leibovitz.

Rosie, Annie Leibovitz and some of the Vogue crew.


  1. How wonderful for all of you! I'm buying it!

  2. I love her, she takes amazing pictures

  3. Wow!! Rosie mentioned she'd be doing some photos. Can't wait to buy the magazine. How honored San Antonio is to have you and the whole family featured. These are great pictures.

  4. You are so humble and sweet. Makes me want to protect you from the national media and what lies ahead for you and your family as our wonderful Mayor is destined for higher political offices.


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