Friday, March 1, 2013

Miss Fiesta 2013

Miss Fiesta 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of being a judge for the Miss Fiesta 2013 competition. I had never sat in as a judge for Miss Fiesta so I was very excited about the invitation and taking part in the selection process. The program ran pretty quickly and lasted about one hour. The program consisted of each of the five finalist answering questions regarding their service platform that they wished to implement if chosen as Miss Fiesta along with a question that they had to randomly pick out of a bowl that you see at many pageants.

I was very impressed with all the five young ladies and all of their poise, accomplishments and extensive volunteer work. Some of their resumes looked longer than mine! I admired them for having so much confidence and courage to get up on the stage and present themselves in the manner that they did. I knew after the introductions were made and the first round of questions were done there was no way the panel of judges could go wrong in whoever we selected. They all did a great job! I wish I could say that I had that much confidence at their young age.

I do have to make sure I share this side note with you all about when I first arrived to the location of the competition because I definitely got a kick out of it. When I walked in the door a gentlemen greeted me and asked me if I was a contestant so that he could show me the way to where all the other contestants were waiting at. Was I insulted? No, not at all.  I didn't mind at all being confused for a twenty something. At this point I don't mind getting confused for a twenty anything.

My view of the stage as I watched the now former
 Miss Fiesta 2012 do a run through of the program.

The newly crowned Miss Fiesta 2013 Victoria Flores.

My first Fiesta medal of the year!

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