Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Big Four

I know that it has been what seems like a long while since my last blog posting. I am not sure where all the time goes and how it goes by so quickly. I enjoyed a much needed one week off of work for Spring Break two weeks ago. I had so much fun that week. Not that I did any traveling like many other Spring Breakers instead the we had a staycation this Spring Break. I enjoyed being able to spend the whole week with Carina and celebrate her 4th birthday. I'm amazed at how many milestones she has accomplished this past year and I am for sure looking for the milestones she will hit this year!

 During Spring Break Julian and I taped an interview with Kens 5 about how things were going now that we are coming upon the end of Julian's fourth year as Mayor. The interview aired last night during the 10 o'clock news and I hope you were able to catch it.  It's hard to think that four years have gone by with Julian in office. Have these four years been what I thought it would be like? Yes. I knew to expect hectic schedules, long hours and a lot of traveling. Would I want to change any of it? No. As crazy as this sounds I enjoy the hectic schedules and being on the go nonstop. My life is a journey that I get one shot at and I rather be active in it and stay busy versus just standing still watching from the sidelines. Julian has been lucky enough to have found his passion and that is serving his community. It makes me happy to see him doing what he loves.

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